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Grinding and winding intestines

My name is Sara. I'm 17 years old. I reside in Washington state. I love piercing's, tattoo's, body mod's in general, gore, cats, raves, and death metal.

Your really beautiful <3 we have a lot in common! I live in Washington to!

Thank you. c: <3 That’s great indeed. ^-^

The fact that you have a tumblr is just super cool. You are beautiful and I bet even more if you smile. I believe you have a purpose in this life that with a little bit of happiness can turn into something wonderful. You are really pretty, thank you for existing. I love your eyes are you sure were not meant to be together?. Who am I? Someone who is trying to make the world happy one person at a time.Pd: if I made you smile follow me or MSG me but no matter what your still beautiful!

Thank you very much. n.n that’s very sweet of you. I really appreciate you saying such nice things. It seems like no one has anything nice to say to me over the internet. On another note; I’m happily in a solid relationship with a guy who saves me every single day. (: You’re very kind.